Machines for processing corrugated board

Section of machines designated for processing corrugated board - printer-slotters, case makers, print lines, cover presses etc.

The company Bimac S.r.l. is engaged in the supply of refurbished or non-refurbished used machines for processing corrugated board, such as printer-slotters, case makers, cover presses and other additional equipment, e.g. stitching machines

Frame banders, automatic banding machines, pallet presses

Traditional manufacturer of cover presses for processing corrugated board with manual loading. Machines may be equipped with semi or fully automatic feeders/unloaders.

Automatic flat bed cutting machines

Manufacturer of print lines, printer-slotters, inline machines and rotating segmenting machines for processing corrugated board

Supplier of banding machines for production of boxes from corrugated board

Machines for production of blanks for partitions made from corrugated board and machines for partitions assembling different automation levels, sold under brand Roda in the past.

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